See you at the pole

If you looked outside school early Wednesday morning, you would have seen six students gathered around the flag pole.

This event takes place nationwide on the third Wednesday of September each year. See You at the Pole (SYATP) is a student-led organization which originated out of Ft. Worth, Texas in 1990. Any student can participate in it.

“It’s a time where people get together and do Bible studies, prayer requests, devotions and other things around the flag pole,” said sophomore Maggie Hollander, who was one of the original six students.

As students arrived at school Wednesday morning, the group became larger, and it eventually became approximately 30 students, plus a pastor from a local church.

“It was very successful,” said Hollander. “It was my very first See You at the Pole. It got emotional, at least it was for me, because it was cool to see all the people joining in with us.

Some students plan on starting their own See You at the Pole to take place every third Wednesday of each month, instead of just once a year.

“Anyone can join us like they did today,” said Hollander. “We’ll meet at 6:30 a.m.”