Blue and silver end spirit week

The best display of school spirit is on the last day of homecoming spirit week, Blue and Silver Day.

Students and teachers celebrate their school by wearing the school colors. Participants wore Areté, clubs, sports or class shirts. Students also demonstrated spirit through either dyeing or wearing beads in their hair. Many students wore homecoming whiteout shirts with matching beads. Junior Megan Lattanzi, in addition to wearing the whiteout shirt and beads, sported a blue and silver tie.

“Because it’s blue and it was hanging on my door. And why not?” said Lattanzi about wearing the tie.

Many people participated in all of the spirit days this week.

“I participated in all of them except GQ day because I woke up late,” said Lattanzi.

School involvement appears to have improved over previous years.

“It seems like there’s more [participants] than last year, and I like it,” said Lattanzi.