NHS raises funds in annual Homeless Night

Homeless Night was held on Friday, Oct. 16th on the track at Don Muench Memorial Stadium. National Honors Society members, such as president Brad DiMariano, stayed the night on the track, living in boxes and fighting the elements. Despite the cold weather, NHS members enjoyed the experience.

“My favorite part was the box building contest,” said DiMariano. “We tried to tape Tori Pyron inside of her box.”

The box building contest was a new concept for this event. For returning members, this made Homeless Night more fun.

“It was good to do something different,” said senior Lindsey Schweigert.

While many found the box building competition fun, it was not the only reason students enjoy participating in Homeless Night.

“The box building contest was unfair,” said senior Kaitlyn Hinzman. “The group that won made a big tower of boxes.”

Despite that, Hinzman said she still enjoyed the experience.

“I liked hanging out with my friends,” said Hinzman.

Schweigert shared the sentiment.

“I liked being able to hang out with people. I also liked playing Apples to Apples,” Schweigert said.

While the members of NHS had a lot of fun, it was tough because of the weather. Many members agreed that the worst part of the experience was how cold it was outside. But even though it was cold, DiMariano said he would do it again.

“I like to be able to show what homeless people have to endure, and raise awareness,” DiMariano said.

All in all, Nation Honors Society raised more than $1,000 in cash, and with cans, about another $100.