Gaga adds flavor to bland music industry

Just saying “Lady Gaga” around any teenager is sure to ignite debate. Whether it be about her music or rumored anatomical structure, it is hard to say she’s not unique.

Personally, I love Lady Gaga. I have never seen an artist who embraces individuality the way that she does. Lyrics of songs like “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance” actually have meaning. Many current artists (Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, etc.) are popular not because of any talent they may possess, but because they fit the typical “American Girl” mold. They’re what many boys and men consider attractive, and they remain perpetually on the safe side. They’re boring and they never take risks. Gaga, on the other hand, has made what is sure to become a remarkable career by consistently stepping outside the proverbial box.

Since her breakout at the end of last year, she has undoubtedly become a world wide phenomenon. I cannot remember anyone becoming so popular at such a fast rate. And it’s not because of breast implants (Mariah Carey) or sex tapes (Paris Hilton). It’s because of an originality that’s so beautiful and rare, it commands attention.

Okay, yes, her methods of performance are a bit unorthodox. But I think that’s what the music industry needs now. So many artists produce songs that sound exactly the same as the previous. Gaga incorporates numerous styles into her music, from pop to jazz, and rock to classical. Her music is fresh and unlike anything else on the radio. Plus, every song has a story. For the first time in a long time, an artist is actually giving her songs some depth. Perhaps this is a reason as to why her album “The Fame” was just nominated for an Album of the Year Grammy.

Whether or not Gaga takes home the award is irrelevant. She is easily one of the most uniquely creative musicians out there today.