Hardworking band is disrespected

One of the more talented and entertaining artistic groups in this school is sadly under-appreciated. That’s right, the very school you attend simply shrugs at this ensemble, giving no more respect then a simple “eh.” I am speaking of the majestic beauty of the Spartan Regiment.

The attitude toward the marching band from the rest of the school utterly disgusts me deep down to the core. The students in these ensembles are the most dedicated and hard working people I’ve ever met. They know what it takes to put on a good show, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make every performance spectacular.

With all this hard work that the band puts into an eight minute show, one could only assume they deserve at least for people to sit down and watch in silence. Instead, the student body sees the band lining up to troop onto the marching band field, and they think to themselves, “The band is about to play. I think I’ll take this opportunity to ignore them to go get food. Or maybe I feel like staying since I already bought my food during the pregame show, and I’ll be as loud as I can. After all, I am a teenager, who cares about manners.”

Despite the lack of support from the student body, the band still pushes forward to perfect a show. The band doesn’t put in all five hours of work everyday for the students. They do what they do for the ten minutes of glory on the marching band field of a big competition. They’ve got their eyes set on that big shiny trophy for grand champion.

After an unforgettable weekend passes by after the band wins a competition, supporters of the band, like myself, naturally have only one thing to talk about. Of course, people say they don’t care, stopping every conversation I try to start about the band.

It is one thing to not like something, which is completely understandable because let’s face it, not everything appeals to everybody. It is another thing to not like something and completely disrespect it.

The negativity doesn’t stop at disrespect and ignorance, but there are students out there that hate the band. These people see the band as an unnecessary group of miscreants that shouldn’t even bother to be alive. The band is hated so much that a Facebook group was created entitled “God Hates The Band.” Members of this group commend the creator and call the band names like “nerds,” “gay parade” and many other rude names that I cannot include. It reminds me of the actions made by the Westboro Babtist Church.

All of this negativity toward the band is out of hand. From ignoring them at football games, talking bad about them at school and creating hate groups, the marching band is obviously not the most popular thing in the school or the most liked, but it is by far the most talented and hard working group of students. So really what I’m trying to get across here is that the band has never done anything to any of you except entertain you during half-time shows and assemblies. All I ask for is a little respect. Try congratulating a band member after a competition, watching the half-time show and not hating the band; you’ll find your life will still go on the same as always just without the hate. If you still think the band is a terrible organization that crawled out of the depths of hell, then keep it to yourself because whether you believe it or not, nobody wants to hear it.