StuCo to host blood drive Friday

Since the beginning, StuCo has used a blood drive to try and help save countless lives.

“It is one of the best ways [for high school students] to help people,” said Mrs. Vicki Pohlman, the supervising teacher of StuCo.

Sign-ups for the blood drive began last Friday, the 15th.

“We’re doubling our goal from last year, we’re hoping for 280 volunteers,” said Pohlman.

Although the goal was raised, American Red Cross regulations may hold them back from meeting expectations.

The new regulations call for all volunteers to weigh at least 110 lbs. A 4’10” male must weigh in at 120 lbs, while a 4’10” female must weight 146 lbs.

If a volunteer has donated successfully before, but doesn’t currently meet the weight requirements, they are still not allowed to participate.

Even though the requirements take out a good percentage of students who would donate, StuCo is still taking the steps to be ready for numbers close to 280.

There will still be sign-ups tomorrow for those who meet the requirements, and the blood drive will take place this Friday during school.