8th graders introduced to high school

On Jan. 20, the school hosted a curriculum night to welcome incoming freshmen and help them get oriented with the high school. The night was started with a welcome speech given by principal Dr. Sonny Arnel to the students and parents. The speech ran for about 12 minutes and was used to help reassure the audience.

“The transition [from middle school] can be difficult and scary to new students,” said Dr. Arnel. “I just wanted to let them know about the great staff here at school. It is a great day to be a Spartan.”

The night was filled with a positive attitude about the future to come. Students were given materials to plan out their classes next year. They also worked with parents to create a four-year plan. They looked at what it would take to get into certain colleges and all the work that high school will demand from its students. They are supposed to turn in their schedules to their middle school next week. All of these things were used as a positive motivation in order to get students to succeed.

“I believe that the high school is the best in St. Charles,” said Dr. Arnel.