Students deserve a vote in Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year is an award that recognizes the best of the best at Francis Howell Central. While the system Arete has going now may seem like a good idea, only allowing adults to vote in this “election” eliminates the input of those who have the most contact with teachers: students.

Each nominated teacher was interviewed and told voters their teaching methods and justified why they should be elected “Teacher of the Year.” This election would be more realistic if students were allowed to vote. Students are around teachers the most and are immersed in the teacher’s teaching methods everyday. They know who is genuinely a good teacher or not.

Many teachers have never sat in on another teacher’s class, especially if they don’t teach in the same area and only know them on a co-worker level. Those who are friends with their co-workers can be more likely to vote based on their friendship than on their teaching methods.

High school students are some of the most brutally honest people and with their vote in the mix, it would be a fairer, more democratic election than the one that is currently being held. The school always forces us to take student surveys each semester, so if they want more student opinion in this community, and I believe students should be able to vote in the Teacher of the Year election.

I do not want to take away the glory away from Mr. Brian Ricker, because he deserves to win, but I think those in charge should be open to change their processes next year.