Sensations go to UDA Nationals

The Sensations take on UDA Nationals again this year in Florida. They will leave Jan. 30 and come back Monday Feb. 3. Throughout their time in Florida, they will compete, putting the essential amount of time that they have been practicing to the test.


The pressure is on for the dancers who have not had the chance to go to nationals until this year. With dancers such as sophomores Morgan Drury and Megan Butts, they know how well the former sensations have done.


“I am nervous because this is my first year, and I feel like there is a lot of pressure, since we normally do well,” said Drury.


With the new choreography that has been prepared, the Sensations have high hopes in standing out from the rest. A new choreographer has created a routine that junior Madi Smith thinks should wow the judges.


“I’m really excited because our dances are not like they were last year, they were choreographed by a different person; it’s a different style, it’s more sassy, ” said Smith.


The bond with the dancers really makes the experience all the more exciting for Butts.The team has been working together since the beginning of the school year. According to dancers such as Butts they have been there for each other, knowing each other’s weaknesses and strengths; they have formed a great bond that could potentially help them through nationals.

“It’s exciting going with the team because they are all fun and nice, and I think that the team is prepared for nationals this year, ” said Butts.