Winter dance canceled

Yet another attempt at a winter dance has been defeated. Student Council announced today that tomorrow’s planned winter homecoming dance is canceled.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t get enough student interest to sell at least 200 tickets,” said Mrs. Vicki Pohlman, StuCo sponsor.

The club needed to sell at least 200 tickets, priced at $10 apiece, to break even on funds. However, only 85 were sold by the end of lunch Friday, which was up from last year’s total of seven.

“We’re not sure why kids aren’t into it here,” said Mrs. Pohlman.

StuCo decided to take on the challenge of planning the dance this year, thinking a more homecoming-like feel would appeal more to students, as apposed to last year’s failed attempt of an informal dance after one of the basketball games. Despite the spirit days, student interest remained low, possibly due to the fact that the week commenced with two snow days.

“I think [missing school due to the snow days] had some impact because we didn’t have as much time for publicity,” said Mrs. Pohlman.

However, she also cited a number of other explanations that she had heard as causes of the low interest in the dance.

“I’ve heard it was because of Mardi Gras. I’ve heard it was because students were going around saying it was lame and all the lights would be on and they wouldn’t be able to dance close,” Mrs. Pohlman said. “I don’t know where those rumors came from.”