Prom brings stress and high expectations

Prom. This four letter word comes with so much stress and expectations that, frankly, I just want to give up on this matter completely. I feel obligated to go because it’s senior year and, well, how am I going to explain to my grand-kids in 40 years that I just did not feel like going to the “best experience in my whole high school career”?

I feel like people set expectations for this night so high that the night will never live up to all of them. I just want to have a good time with my friends and dance, is that too complicated? There is so much emphasis on preparation from dress shopping (luckily I found mine on the first try), to tanning (I do not get the point really, but this is part of the process for many), and of course finding the right group.

My theory on dresses is to find something comfortable to dance in. There are so many that look like you can not even walk, let alone bust a move. If you must resort to tanning, at least lay outside; baking in a tanning bed just leads you down an early path to skin cancer.

There’s another thing I hate about prom: dates. It’s one thing to go with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but I hate that there is so much pressure to have a date. Going with friends is perfectly fine; why do you have to label them as your date?

Prom has become such a materialistic event that I really wish my friends and I could just skip it all and have a movie marathon. However, I have already been sucked into it all and I cannot get out, plus I already bought my dress (which is non-refundable).