International Night labeled as success

On Tuesday, April 6, the foreign language department hosted its fourth annual International Night in the cafeteria. The event had more than 20 different countries represented. The $2 admission fee as well as the hundreds of $10 and $15 T-shirts sold covered the cost of the food and activities at each booth.

“There were a lot of countries there, and they all had a lot of good food,” said senior Cameron Aldrich, who was in charge of the Bulgaria booth. “However, I do believe our country had the best food there because we were completely out of food before the night was over and, obviously, had to stop serving.”

Along with Aldrich, senior Alexandra Nedyalkov was also in charge of the country Bulgaria and enjoyed running the table.

“I was born in Bulgaria,” said Nedyalkov, “so I had a lot of fun making my food, which is called musaka, and it’s made with mostly ground beef and some spices. I had a ton of fun eating other people’s food too.”

However, food and activities were not the only thing that people could participate in during International Night.

“There [was] a raffle of baskets with items representing different countries like Mexico, France and Germany,” said Spanish teacher Dr. Jennifer Miller. “Tickets [were] one dollar.”

According to students like senior AshLe Lund, a French V student, the night was a success, especially after all the preparation that was put into the event.

“Making the flags and doing the research probably took about two weeks,” said Lund. “Everyone worked hard to get stuff done and it turned out great. Honestly, I think that seeing kids in the International Night shirts will forever make me smile because it will remind me of this.”