FHCtoday.com wins national award

On Sat. April 17, the Central Focus website, FHCtoday.com, received fourth place in the Best of Show competition for publication websites at the Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Assocation convention in Portland, Ore. More than 100 school websites were entered in this competition. This is the first honor any FHC publication has received at a national conference.

Publication Advisor Matthew Schott was surprised to receive such a high honor.

“I was pretty stunned. I didn’t expect us to be that high on the list,” said Mr. Schott.

Multimedia Editor juniorĀ Ted Noelker was in Portland with Mr. Schott to attend the conference and was at the ceremony to receive the award. Like Mr. Schott, he was also shocked the website had earned fourth place.

“I went from being surprised to pleasantly surprised. Considering it was our first year as a website, it was fantastic,” said Noelker.

Mr. Schott and Noelker agree that more rich media – like video and slideshows – will be implemented next year in order to keep ranking in Best in Show.

“We are going to continue to get better every year,” said Mr. Schott. “We will incorporate rich media and expand the scope by using more multimedia next year.”