Review: OK Go concert

Now, I might be a little biased because I have been an enormous OK Go fan for many years and quite frankly, I have had high expectations for this show and fortunately they took my expectations and blew them to smithereens. Their vocals were flawless and they sounded just as though you were listening to their album. From, “A Million Ways”, to “Skyscrapers” their song variety could change in an instant from dance party to 70’s lounge vibe (complete with low lights and black smoke).

They performed an outstanding rendition of “What to Do” on handbells. Handbells, you say? Yes, Handbells. This group of guys are musically gifted. Lead singer Damian Kulash hits the most extreme high notes flawlessly and Andy (Rusty) Ross goes between instruments such as the cowbell, double-handled bass guitar, and the chimes.

To be at such a low-key venue like the Old Rock House, OK Go seemed to have quite a few theatrical tricks up their sleeves. At least six times throughout the show, a cannon blasted tons of confetti over the crowd and everytime, just as awesome as the time before.

Later in the show, lights dimmed and they all turned around sporting LED jackets each with a letter, of O,K,G, or O. Adding even more to the effect was each Kulash, Ross and guitarist Timothy Norwind rocking out on their guitars and basses that shot out fiber optic lasers. None of this was too over the top for OK Go, a band with out of the box ideas (like the treadmill video), these added effects only enhanced their performance and in no way shape or form took away from their songs.

Kulash had good stage presence and even jumped in the middle of the crowd and sang “Last Autumn Leaf” and “This Too Shall Pass.”

The only thing I was disappointed about the whole night, was the crowd itself. Mostly consisting of people in their 20’s and 30’s, not many seemed to be singing and dancing around as much as I was. As outstanding as OK Go was I would think I would be letting loose a little more. I guess the older crowd has already been there done that and are there to just chill out.