Apple finds new carrier for iPhone

The iPhone, currently carried exclusively by AT&T, is already a widely popular cell phone. A touch screen, endless apps and music capabilities all contribute to the successful sales of millions of these cellular devices, as well as a competitive edge for AT&T in the cell phone market. However, this specialty of AT&T is about to become a little less exclusive, with the introduction of the iPhone on the Verizon Wireless carrier.

Due to debut in June, though mass production will not begin until September, the new Verizon Wireless iPhone will feature a few things that will set it apart from its AT&T counterpart. With new features and a size adjustment, this phone is sure to increase the already intense rivalry between the two cell phone carriers, which could possibly prove to have a positive outcome for buyers.

The biggest change Verizon Wireless is making to the iPhone is in the size. The phone will feature a 2.8″ screen, a significant decrease from the 3.5″ screen found on its AT&T rival. This dramatic decrease in size will also make the phone lighter, which Verizon Wireless feels is a positive change, according to Also different from the AT&T iPhone, the Verizon Wireless phone will be using CDMA (code division multiple access), a different network technology than GSM (global system for mobile communications), which AT&T uses. Though both of these systems have many of the same qualities, a CDMA phone does not offer a SIM card, which means the phone can not later be switched to a different carrier. The new iPhone model may also offer high definition video playback, 64GB of storage and new applications, exclusive to the Verizon Wireless network.

With the premiere of the Verizon Wireless iPhone will most likely come an increase in the rivalry between the two phone companies now carrying the phone, which is already showcased in the commercials for the two carriers. However, with company competition should come competitive pricing, which will hopefully help this new phone be a bit more affordable for buyers. The new phone is estimated to cost about $299 with a commitment to a 24-month contract, but without the contract, buyers can expect to shell out closer to $579, according to