Spanish classes head to Costa Rica in Fall

The Spanish classes at FHC go on a trip every year, this year it was to Spain over spring break. The upcoming school year, the classes will be going over fall break, Oct. 2-8, and they will be going to Costa Rica. Though a change from last year’s trip location, FHC Spanish classes have been to the country before.

“We have been to Costa Rica and Spain in the past,” said Spanish teacher Ashley Wager. “We are going to Costa Rica because it is cheap. We planned the trip with only six months’ notice, so students needed a cheap trip in order to be able to come up with the money. We also chose something other than Spain because many of the students traveling are students who were on the Spain trip.”

Since the trip is going to be less costly than a Spain trip, they will not be doing any fundraising. However, just because it costs less does not mean it will not be as busy. The trip to Costa Rica is going to be active, with a lot of touring on the agenda and plenty of sights to see.

“While [in Costa Rica], we will stay in the Arenal region for a few days. There, we will tour the town, visit La Fortuna waterfall, visit two active volcanoes, and a wildlife refuge. Then we will travel to the Pacific coast, where we will stay on the beach for two days,” said Mrs. Wager.

However, simply being a Spanish student is not what got students a ticket to this international trip. There is room for only 40 students, and there are a few requirements for being allowed to attend.

“Students who have shown exemplary behavior, are not failing Spanish and get a signature of recommendation from their Spanish teacher [can go],” said Mrs. Wager.

So far, 39 students have met the requirements and signed up for the trip, leaving just one more available space. What is next for Spanish classes’ international trips?

“In 2011-2012, we will be going to Peru,” said Mrs. Wager.