Bad weather forces field day inside

Friday, May 14 was the last Arete event of the 2009-2010 school year, the spring field day. It was a gift to the students to celebrate the end of a school year. Over 450 students met the requirements and attended this special event.

The activities at the field day included three inflatables (obstacle course, bungee race and a gladiator jousting game), volleyball and table tennis. Hot dogs, chips, cookies and bottled water were also served to the participants.

“The food was really nice because by that time of day I start to get really hungry,” said junior John Daniel Gresham.

The designer of the Arete shirt this season was junior Patrick Hurley.

“It was so weird to see the shirt I designed on everyone,” said Hurley.

The day looked like it was in trouble when the school day began with a light rain and gloomy skies.

“We made the call at about 9 a.m. to move it inside; even though the rain was supposed to stop by the start time of Field Day, we needed to set-up the activities,” said Arete Committee member Mr. Nick Brinkman. “I think our biggest hope for next year is to have it outside. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t cooperated with us the past couple of years,” said Brinkman.

Senior Eleni Goranitis had quite the turn of events at this particular field day. While racing her friend one last time in the inflatable obstacle course, she broke her ankle.

“I got to the top of the hill, and my right foot slipped, and I fell to the bottom on the hill, with my foot turned inward. I heard a really loud pop, and right then I knew I broke it,” said Goranitis.

The gym was noisy so no one could hear her call for help. She got very freaked out but managed to get through the ordeal without shedding a single tear. “My ankle is broken, and I am on crutches, but my goal is to be able to walk across the stage at graduation,” said Goranitis.