Struggles of Silver Shields

Students and teachers discuss the challenges of earning and granting a Silver Shield.

Kortney Sheahan, Photo Editor

March 27 at 7 p.m. the annual Silver Shield ceremony will be held in the auditorium. The ceremony is held to honor students for their hard work ethics and overall classroom behavior, and they are secretly selected by teachers.

Each year, a teacher can only choose one student, and a student can only be picked one time in their four years, making it very difficult to earn one. Students like senior Hayley Lechner have worked very hard the past four years in hopes of earning the award. She sees the award as an honor.

“To me, a Silver Shield is an award that recognizes hard work and accomplishments, and it’s a way for a teacher to show you that they are proud of you and know you work hard,” said Lechner.

While some students make it a goal to earn one by the end of their high school careers, others like senior Dohen Gallagher don’t mind whether they earn one or not.

“…It won’t be the end of the world, if I don’t get one,” said Gallagher.

Some students did not have to wait until their senior year to earn the honor of a Silver Shield, such as senior Shelby Maupin, who felt honored simply because she received one.

“I think it was cool I had the chance to get one early on, but I think it would have been cool if I would have gotten it senior year,” said Maupin.

Earning the award is nearly as difficult as selecting a recipient. Teachers also struggle to pick the deserving student. Math Department head Mrs. Danna Tedder chooses not to pick a current student, rather a past one because she is conflicted with the decision.

“It is difficult to pick somebody [out of all my classes], so I usually don’t pick someone who is a student of mine that year, I usually pick someone who has been a student or they have been my teacher aide. I usually don’t just pick one student out of a whole group,” Mrs. Tedder said.

The invitations to the ceremony were delivered to the chosen students the first week of March, and the students will find out who chose them at the ceremony on Thursday night.