A victorious kick-off

Girls soccer starts their season with a win against the Hazelwood Central Hawks despite having their two goalies out.

Tyler Tran

This Monday, the girls varsity soccer team kicked off their season with a 1-0 win against the Hazelwood Central Hawks. With both of their goalies, sophomore Sydney Chalcraft and senior Gabrielle Klingaman, unable to play, the team had to select another player to fill the position right before the game. Defensive midfielder junior Peyton Steiner stepped up to the plate and volunteered to man the goal.

“I was terrified. Especially in the second half when the ball was mostly on our side of the field, which put me in a position that scared the crap out of me,” Steiner said.

During the first half, both teams parried back and forth, alternating possession of the ball with any attack by the Hawks easily thwarted by the Spartan’s defense. As the game continued, the team’s conditioning gave them an advantage over their opponents, while the opposing team’s play degraded due to exhaustion the Spartans remained consistent.

“It became easier to run around them and connect passes,” forward junior Caitlyn Eddy said.

The Spartans continued to have trouble progressing toward the opposing goal in the second half with the Hawk’s defense getting the ball out of their territory. With about a minute left in the game, a shot by the Spartans deflected off of an opposing player’s hand, leading to a penalty kick. Senior Katie Wood took the kick, which slipped by the goalie, giving them the lead. The clock ticked down, and the team had secured their first win of the season. The team got the results that they needed, but they’re still looking to improve their play. For Steiner, the game served as a good experience letting her step into another player’s shoes.

“I definitely have a lot more respect for goalies after this game,” Steiner said.

Steiner is 2-0 for blocks, with a 100% shutout rate. She plans to retire as goalie and return to her position as defensive midfielder. The girls play again today against Hazelwood West.