Election day

Candidates for NHS officer positions for next year work to win the votes and faith of their peers

Brayden Densmore, Staff Reporter

  On March 25th, NHS members gathered for their second meeting of the semester to have their usual discussion about some of the upcoming fundraisers and service projects sponsors have planned for fourth quarter. However, this meeting was particularly special in that it marked the beginning of officer elections for the organization.

  Aspiring underclassmen took this year’s NHS officers usual positions at the front of NHS sponsor Ms. Dena Rulo’s classroom and took turns speaking in an attempt to win the votes of their fellow members for voting day on April 1. With the large number of members in NHS and the organizations overwhelming importance to FHC and its surrounding community, competition for next year’s officer positions are fierce.
The candidates’ speeches are particularly important because they offer the student a chance to convince and prove themselves to their peers. One candidate, junior Tyler Tran, used his rich Vietnamese heritage to convey his determination and dedication to not only become an president of NHS, but also to lead the organization through next year.

“In my speech, I outlined the three fundamental principles of the Vietnamese culture that I was raised on; Hard work, integrity, and honor. All of which are also principles which NHS is built on. I believe that my deep connection with these values makes me best suited to lead this organization to new heights next year,” Tran said.

The officers in NHS are extraordinarily important to the organization. They not only represent some of the best of FHC’s student body, but also serve as role models for the new, younger members of the society. The officers also stand as the figureheads of the organization, representing NHS in everything they do. This is why it is essential that officers are the best of the best.

“From what I’ve seen from this year’s students who are running for officer positions, NHS is going to prosper next year. I have known the candidate a while now. Each student truly embodies the academic focus and helpful spirit which are the backbone of NHS. I feel comfortable knowing that I will be leaving NHS into capable hands, no matter who my replacement may be,” current NHS president Taylor Stone said.