The people behind Mr. FHC

Candidates for Mr. FHC discuss the qualities that make them eligible for the title.

Devin Chen, Staff Reporter

FHC will soon be holding a competition to crown Mr. FHC. More important than the title of Mr. FHC, however, are the people working to bring it to fruition, as well as the candidates on whose talent and character the entire show is built.

Senior Shashank Nedungadi brings brains and an A+ attitude to the competition as well as dashingly good looks, but most impressive is his passion for victory.

“What would I do to win? I would drag myself through a pile of rusty nails and staples and broken glass,” Nedungadi said. “To my fans, I want to remind them to eat their fruits and vegetables, and to cry while watching ‘Marley and Me.’ It’s good for the soul.”

Also competing in Mr. FHC is junior Andy Moats. Moats, apart from being a star defensive player in hockey, is also well-known in the Spartan community.

“If I were to describe myself as a color, I’d be green,” Moats said. “I’m environmentally friendly, and I love trees. Also, I’ve never thrown anything out my car window.”

Senior and class comedian-in-chief Charlie Grant will also be bringing his well-honed and comedic wit to the stage for the benefit of all involved.

“If I had to describe myself in one word, it’d be racecar,” Grant said. “You think it’s just a word, but actually it’s a palindrome; it spells the same word forward and backwards. It’s more than meets the eye. Plus it’s probably shiny and goes really fast.”

These people are just a few of the many who will be showcasing some of the brightest personalities at FHC at the competition on Saturday. StuCo organized and will be running the event, and the proceeds will go toward helping a fellow Spartan, freshman Bella Jones, who has a rare blood condition known as Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis.

“We will have three different categories: talent, questionnaire, and formal wear,” StuCo president Nicole Sutton said. “StuCo members will be in charge, planning the schedules, PR, dress rehearsals. We will have some help from the theater department with the sound and lighting stuff. Getting the word out was probably the hardest thing for us to do.”

Mr. FHC will be taking place in the FHC auditorium starting at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.