Searching for the means

With the price of colleges on the rise, students look for outside scholarships to help fund their education.

Erica Swanson, Staff Reporter

The College Board reports that the average cost for a “moderate” college budget for the 2013-2014 academic year was $22,826 in-state public college, and the number is even higher for private colleges– $44,750. This price is a lot to expect out of high school students, who often work minimum wage jobs. To help pay for their post high school education, many students, particularly seniors, turn to outside scholarships.

Senior Madison Grumich has looked and applied for many scholarships, in hopes of paying her education at Hannibal LaGrange, which she estimates will cost her $26,000.

“I have looked at scholarship websites, fastweb, local businesses, college prawler and my dad’s work,” Grumich said. “The main thing I look at to apply for is how many people are applying and how much the scholarship is, because not many people apply for the lower amount scholarships. I make sure the scholarship looks doable.”

Senior Dohen Gallagher is another student trying to find the means to pay for college education at Truman State University, which has a net price of $15,850. She, too, has looked at her parents’ work and other sources such as the National Society of high school scholars.

“I look for stuff that fits my criteria,” Gallagher said. “For example, I don’t play volleyball, so I won’t go for a volleyball scholarship.”

Gallagher has also looked to her guidance counselor, Mrs. Michelle Breuer, for assistance.

“She has helped me get my transcript,” Gallagher said. “She knows what she’s doing, and I don’t, so she’s been a great help. Also, she has helped me by writing me letter of recommendations.”

As for advice on what scholarships to apply for, Mrs. Breuer suggests looking at a few criterias.

“Look for ones with essays because more people are prone to not apply for those, which increases the likelihood of getting the scholarship,” Mrs. Breuer said. “Keep looking every week and stick to the regional scholarships because there is a smaller pool of applicants. Also, don’t ignore the smaller ones.”