Dove World Outreach Center manipulates innocent Muslim

On Sept. 11, 2010, Dove World Outreach Center threatened to burn the Koran if the Muslims continue with their plans to build a masque two blocks away from ground zero aka: where the twin towers fell. This extreme threat was clearly manipulative and the worst way to react to the terrorist attack. This was truly the epitome of desperation. These “Christians” claimed to be standing up for America and saving it from all of the Muslims that planned on rising up.They chose to clearly lash out and manipulate an innocent religion so that they could obtain what they wanted. As Americans, we all have freedom of speech; however, to clearly hurt another religion because of a radical decision made by people claiming to be doing the will of Allah is preposterous.

With this being said, what happens to the people who don’t agree with this? I guess we just continue to bash these people and say why they should not have threatened to do this act. These foolish people did not follow through with their threat because they were not prepared for the consequences that came with their actions. Even though they chickened out at the last minute, these people never stopped because it was hurting others but instead refrained from that action for their own safety. So obviously, given opinions did not accomplish much. Even if we said this was an injustice, did it really comfort the Muslims that were deeply hurt by the church’s actions? I think our opinions on this issue are simply noise in the air between the Muslim and Christian religion. That may have helped with some of the awkward silence but did it accomplish anything else?

Even though the church did not follow through with their actions, we should still do something. It was so easy to discuss this situation in our classes, but if we really wanted to make a point, then why can’t we boldly love these people? It is one thing to say something but making an intentional effort to go out of our way for these people will support our opinion in so many other ways.

When we do nothing on this issue are we really helping? I believe by doing nothing we simply are indifferent and do not really care what is going on. All we have done is sat back and chose to criticize but never thought of working to stop this hatred between these two beliefs.We need to do something whether it is opening a door for a Muslim or making food for a Muslim family. All of these things will drown out the hate and hopefully bridge the gap between the Americans and Muslims.