Wacky Wednesday turns disastrous

Walking down the hall Wednesday were students with a sandal and a tennis shoe on, two different colored socks and bows and pencils in their hair. Either people forgot how to dress, or it could be fashion disaster day at Francis Howell Central. However, there are some students and faculty members that can be seen in the crowd wearing their normal everyday clothes.

“I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I’m lazy and I don’t have any school spirit, so I forgot about dressing up today,” said junior Alyssa Beckering.

Others didn’t forget about spirit day, some just opted not to dress up.

“I’m already crazy; there’s no need to dress up even more crazy,” junior Samantha Kennedy said.

And still others would have liked to dress up but decided against it.

“We are allowed as a staff to dress up; however, I think it’s a double-edged sword if we do,” said English teacher Sara Martens. “I think dressing up may distract from students from being focused in class, but I also think that if the staff participates in spirit week it will raise school spirit and encourage students to participate.”

Despite the lack of school spirit among peers and staff, senior Lauren Kastner decided to dress up anyways.

“I’m a senior this year and I made a personal decision that I’d go all out during our school spirit days this year. Also, dress crazy day is my favorite spirit day because you have total free reign over your outfit and nobody judges you,” Kastner said. “The way I pick out my outfit for days like these are just by going through my clothes and finding things that don’t match.”