Seniors prepare for final festivities before graduation

With just a few months left until graduation, multiple events, including a spirit week and an awards ceremony, have been planned for seniors to partake in.

Simran Kooner, Staff Reporter

In less than two months, on the morning of June 7, the class of 2014 will walk across the stage at graduation and receive their high school diplomas. With the date of this occasion quickly approaching, several events have been scheduled for seniors to take part in. Some like graduation practice are mandatory for all students, while others such as senior spirit week are optional.

Senior Spirit Week is scheduled for the week of Monday, April 28. Senior class president, Kortney Sheahan, along with Ms. Denny and the class officers, got together to decide on the theme for each day. During their meeting, they discussed spirit days that had been organized in past years and also brainstormed ideas for new themes.

“We wanted to pick days that other clubs had not already chosen for their spirit weeks because this is a seniors only week and they deserve their own week,” said Sheahan.

The planned spirit days for next week are as follows:

  • Monday, April 28: Tacky Tourist Day
  • Tuesday, April 29: Career Day
  • Wednesday, April 30: Senior Citizen Day
  • Thursday, May 1: Throwback Thursday (Pre-K through middle school)
  • Friday, May 2: College Day

Students will have multiple opportunities to dress up according to the various themes planned for spirit week, but their attire must still follow the school dress code.

“Student participation still must comply with school rules and not be disruptive to classroom activities,” said Principal Sonny Arnel.

Conducting a spirit week for seniors during the week of Prom and graduation practice has become a tradition at FHC. The week of April 28 to May 2 will likely be the final high school spirit week the class of 2014 will have the opportunity to participate in.

“I think seniors should participate in senior spirit week because it’s our last time to act like fools together,” Sheahan said.

During the extended fifth hour on Wednesday of spirit week, seniors will additionally receive their cap and gown along with the privilege to leave early that day. Senior graduation practice is scheduled to be held during school on that following Friday. The practice will last a little under three hours, and seniors will once again have the opportunity to leave school early around 10:10 am.

The final big event for the class of 2014 before graduation will be Senior Awards Night which is scheduled to be held at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, May 20. During the program, seniors will be acknowledged for their academic achievements, extracurricular participation, and any scholarships they may have been offered by colleges.