No limitations

The girls track team holds nothing back they begin to see post season meets in their future with few weather complications compared to last season.

Madelyn Newton, Multimedia Executive Editor

As the girls track team heads into the midpoint of its season, the girls no longer have beginning of the season nerves as weather conditions are improving and meets are not getting cancelled, according to coach Matt Van Horn.

Marked by rain, snow and cold weather, last track season had multiple cancelled meets and practices which made it difficult for improvement. This season, however, has been clear allowing the girls to improve much more than last year.

“The season has been off to a slow start. With the cold weather that hit during February and March, we are just now beginning to have ideal running conditions on meet days,” coach Van Horn. “Now with the weather cooperating, we are seeing the girls times drop each time they step onto the track.”

As they continue to drop times, Coach Van Horn has high hopes for the girls because he has been seeing success in practice and in meets as they strive to improve.

“The girls are working hard at becoming a team with their classmates.They are also having a great time chasing and, in some cases, beating several of the boys team at practice and in meets,” coach Van Horn said.

Although the state meet is about a month away, teammates and coach Van Horn have their eye on the prize as they continue to succeed.

“I can only think that their times will continue to drop with each week, hoping that they will peak at Districts to set a personal record in their respective events, and possibly move onto the Sectional or State track meet,” coach Van Horn said.

Junior Luta Young, one of the key runners for the team, has potential to break a school record in the 400-meter run. She feels that with only four seconds to drop, she has the ability to set a new record and possibly make it to the state meet.

“If they put me in more 400’s [in meets], then maybe I can get the record,” Young said. “I’m not really sure what I could go to state for, but I definitely will help my team get there.”

Young accompanied the 4-x-100 meter relay team to the sectional meet last year and feels that as her team improves each meet that the state meet it not out of reach.

“I want to get back to sectionals. I’m not sure if we can make it to state but I will do everything that I can to help my team out to go to state,” Young said.