DECA hosts annual volleyball tournament

The annual DECA Volleyball Tournament has come and gone once again, taking place on Thursday, October 28. This open competition has been going on since the school began.

According to senior Emily Kozlowski, a participant this year, close to 100 people showed up to the game, either to play or to watch. She said her favorite part of the night was winning her very first game. Maggie Mueller, a senior on Kozlowski’s team, said that it was against a boys’ volleyball team, but their team she, containing four girls, still beat the boys. Mueller and Kozlowski’s team, called Blockbuster, won the tournament.

Adam Farmer, a senior on the Mega Falcons team, said his highlight moment was when his team almost came back to beat the teachers. The score was 24-23 with the teachers winning, and then the teachers scored again.

Farmer also said that not as many people as usual participated in this year’s event, but he had a lot of fun playing in it. Kozlowski agreed in the statement.

“I regret not doing it my freshman, sophomore and junior years,” said Kozlowski.