A look back for StuCo

Student Council vice president Sean Earl talks about his time with the club.

Devin Chen, Staff Reporter

As the year drags to an end, the class of 2014 has a lot to look back on. For Student Council (StuCo) vice president Sean Earl, his time in StuCo has given him a lot to say about the club.

When Earl joined StuCo two years ago, he did so because of the opportunities that StuCo offered to make an impact at Central.

“I really liked doing community service, and I saw the service that StuCo did, and I wanted to be part of it,” said Earl.

Not only did his love of community service influence his decision to join StuCo, but the variety of events that Earl made an impact in gave him the desire to stay.

“[It was] all the work that we did,” said Earl. “I feel like the school doesn’t realize many of the major things that they do, like homecoming, a lot of the drives, the toy drives, the can drives, are led by them. A lot of the teacher appreciation events are led by them as well. I feel like they’re not just a club with a name, but they actually do something within our school.”

But Earl wasn’t content to just play a minor role and went on to pursue a leadership role as vice president of StuCo. According to Earl, his passion for StuCo gave him the inspiration to run for an officer position because it would allow him to put his full effort into StuCo projects.

“There’s nothing wrong with giving back; it’s actually very rewarding at the end of it. Even though it’s hard at the beginning, at the end you can see the result of what you’ve done, and that’s what I like about StuCo at the end; I can see what I’ve done,” Earl said.

As this is Earl’s senior year, he is preparing to hand the torch to next year’s officers, and he is optimistic about the people who will be taking the reins from this year’s officers.

“I want them to do even more than we did,” said Earl. “This year, we’ve had a very successful year, but I feel like there’s always more we can do. Our school is relatively new in the district, and theres so much more we can do.”