Tight ties

I’ve known numerous people who have treated me like garbage and call me their best friend. Personally, I am horrified for their “just friends.” A true best friend is there for you all the time, not just when it’s convenient for them. They laugh with you, cry with you, and travel through life with you. A best friend should look out for your best interests, and they should give you the best advice they can in a way they think you’ll respond well to. The people that tell you your fly is unzipped or that you have parsley in your teeth are your best friends because you’re not offended because you know they’re telling you with good intentions. A true best friend will risk everything for you, including their life. Because they love you.

I’ve had a true best friend who has been one of the most important people in my life since eighth grade. It isn’t a very long amount of time in reality, but we both have agree that it feels like we’ve known each other since forever. It feels as though we’re made out of the same stuff. We’re so close that we know what the other is thinking just by the looks we give each other. I remember one time we were joking around and we agreed that if we are both still single and unmarried at age 30 that we will just marry each other (I better start finding a husband soon). We would give anything for each other. We talk every single day; and when we’re with each other our bubbles don’t exist, at all.

I have another best friend but we don’t have quite the same relationship as the one previously mentioned, but he is also my “bff” nonetheless (whether I like him some days or not). He and I have been best friends since third grade. We’ve had a rocky, long relationship (mainly due to the fact that we used to be very similar) and as we’ve gotten older we’ve grown to be polar opposites. Opposites may attract but they also clash. One thing he does is he likes to pretend that everything is always fine, even after we get into a huge argument. I hate that. I prefer to talk things out and come to a solution if there’s a problem. The key to our success? We don’t really have one. But we both have realized that no matter how much we hate each other at times, deep down, we love each other and need each other He’s always been around though and I intend to keep him around for the rest of my life. We’re the type of friends who can not talk for a week or month and pick up right where we left of. That’s another important aspect of a best friend: being able to pick up where you left off without questioning your relationship and starting new beginnings.

Friendships and interactions with people are important and vital for the overall health and well being of all of us. I haven’t met anyone yet who honestly wants to be alone and permanently end up alone. Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. The bottom line is that they should love you for you and they should always be there for you, but remember that it also takes a best friend to have a best friend. In any relationship you have to take a little and give a lot. Don’t let yourself carry the whole relationship but do not allow the other person to carry the whole relationship either.