Ettiquette: not just a fad

You’re walking into school and you have your arms full of books. You think this kid right in front of you is going to hold the door open for you because he obviously sees you with your arms full. However, he keeps walking and allows the door to slam in your face. After you drop your books off you proceed to the restroom and walk into your stall. The toilet isn’t flushed. Gross. After having a bad start to your day, you proceed to your first hour class and hold the door open for a fellow classmate who strolls on in without uttering “thank you” like she’s the Queen of the World. We’ve all been in these similar situations before, at least I know I have. Etiquette honestly isn’t an easy skill to master; it takes practice. Yet some individuals opt not to practice manners now-a-days.

Back in the day, it was a custom for people to hold doors open for ladies and other passersby. It seems like in these days, that custom has gone out of fashion. Why can’t people spend two seconds of their life to hold a door open for someone else? I’ve done it many times before. It really isn’t that hard to hold open a door for people. I guess the problem is that most people assume that women’s arms aren’t broken. They can pull open a door for themselves right? And as for the people with their hands full, they can just sprout a third arm and open it themselves. Surely if they can carry heavy things, they can also open their own doors too with their third arm.

I also don’t understand why people don’t flush toilets. Are their arms too short? Is the smell in the bathroom so intoxicating that they have to escape before having time to flush the toilet or they’ll faint? Do they forget that they went to the bathroom? Or are we just too lazy to flush and so we leave a gift for whoever comes next into the bathroom? My main argument towards this subject matter is that people are just inconsiderate. Nobody likes to go into the bathroom and go into a messy stall; if you make a mess anywhere, for that matter, just clean up after yourself. I know we live in a busy society where people think mainly about themselves and have a million things to do, but take the extra 5 seconds to flush the toilet and think about other people. If you don’t have time to flush a toilet you don’t have time to go to the bathroom!

Personally I assumed that the phrases “please” and “thank you” were globally understood and utilized; however, I’m not naive enough to assume that people are able to grasp the concepts of the words “please” and “thank you.” Know that “please” is used to ask for something and “thank you” is said when showing gratitude. Simple.

In this reality, the “barbarian look” is definitely not in vogue. These days people can’t articulate “please” and “thank you”; holding a door open for someone is a waste of time; and farting and burping all over the place is a freedom of expression. Don’t bother learning manners, apparently you don’t need them.