Making milestones

As their season nears the end, the boys golf team continues to have success and create new milestones.

Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter

The boys golf team competed in the 2014 GAC South Championships on May 1, placing third out of seventh. Ricky Barrett, a senior, was filled with success as he competed, finishing as the first team all-conference “Player of the Year.”

This is a huge success for him and the team, overall their results from the Championships came out very well.

“We did really well, our scores turned out really good,” said Barrett.

The excellence that has dominated the team since Barrett was named Golfer of the Year has proved to help them. They now are willing to do whatever it takes to become better golfers. The impact that Ricky Barrett has had on the other players will help to benefit them in the future.

“I think they look up to me, it makes them want to become better players,” Barrett said.

Although last year the team did not do as well, this year has definitely been an improvement for them. They have showed their skills on the course with their lower scores that all of their time and dedication in practice improved.

“We didn’t do as good last year,” said Barrett.

The team’s next match was May 12, which were the Sectional Championships. Neither golfer made it through, Barrett missed it by one stroke for the third time in his high school career.

On May 14, the team is competing in the Troy Scramble which will lead them up to the State Championships from May 19 to May 20.

The team is showing their superiority as they season continues, proving themselves as golfers on the course.

Senior Blake Kreder, said, “we have a really good varsity team this year.”

As their season is drawing near to ending, the team is showing their true skills in order to make it last, and their true skills are allowing them to succeed in competition.