Chamber choir, band concerts arrive

On Dec. 7 at Hollenbeck Middle School, Dec. 10 at Francis Howell Central and Dec. 14 at Saeger Middle School, members of the choir performed.

“It’s kind of a neat opportunity for us,” said Mr. John Varwig, choir teacher at Francis Howell Central.

Mr. Varwig believes this because of the experience the students get in both the high school and in the middle school.

Mr. Varwig said the high school students were invited to come sing during the middle school concerts. This helps them to recruit for the high school choir, and it also puts the pressure on for the middle school students to try harder.

“It’s exciting for the people to go back and sing with the students,” said senior Charissa Stone. “It is neat for the students to sing in the schools they used to attend.”

Spencer Millfelt, a junior in the choir, feels it shows students feedback on how they have improved since they were in middle school.

“[Mr.] Varwig takes every chance he can to encourage kids,” Millfelt said.

Along with the choir concerts, band also performed its winter concert yesterday at 7 p.m. at Francis Howell Central.

Students practice every day for an hour to prepare for these concerts, said senior Justin Borgsteade. He will be participating in songs such as “The General’s New Groove,” “I’ll Be Around,” “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!” and “Manteca.”

“A good portion of the band is solos,” Borgsteade said.

Many students will have their opportunity to shine Tuesday night, a show well looked forward to, he said.