Comm. Arts Dept. to hold poetry slam

On Feb. 18 the Communication Arts Department will be having Washington University come in to have a poetry slam. A poetry slam is a spoken poetry competition.

The activity was originally planned by the Cultural Diversity Club (CDC), which brainstormed the idea as a diverse activity for the student body to partake in. The activity is in honor of Black History Month but will not solely focus on this. Art teacher and CDC sponsor Mrs. Lisa Milos and Assistant Principal Marty Davis, who works with the CDC, then spoke to Ms. Jessica Bulva about including the Comm. Arts Dept. in the activity.

“[Mrs.] Milos and [Mrs.] Davis thought it would be a good idea to combine CDC with the communication department since the Comm. Arts Department works with poetry,” said Ms. Bulva. “All English students, Cultural Diversity members and Theatre students are invited to attend at teacher’s discretion.”

The Spotlight Players will also be invited to the slam to explore new styles of theatre.

“I will be having my classes attend the poetry slam,” said Ms. Michelle Moll, theatre director. “I think a different style of theatre would help them better understand what we’re doing in class, and help them build on what they already have already learned.”

For more information talk to Mrs. Milos or your English teacher.