Farewell Dr. Gang

Guidance counselor Dr. Gang announced her retirement this year.

Erica Swanson, Staff Reporter

After serving Francis Howell School District for 19 years, guidance counselor Dr. Joyce Gang announced her retirement this year.

Although now a guidance counselor, Dr. Gang originally started as an elementary school teacher in New York City. She then decided to continue her education in mental health at Washington University St. Louis, which brought her to Missouri in the first place.

“I then did other kinds of work in mental health. I was a counselor, therapist and in education evaluation program,” Dr. Gang said. “Some years later I became a school counselor at St. Louis City Schools for six years before I became a counselor at Francis Howell School District.”

Starting at Barnwell Middle School in 1995, Dr. Gang then became a tester for Saeger Middle School and Francis Howell Central, where she eventually became a full-time counselor at FHC.

Dr. Gang decided to retire this year so she could have an easier time juggling her time.

“I don’t know if many people know this, but I broke my shoulder this fall. It was a serious injury, and I am still recovering from it months later,” Dr. Gang said. “I also have a new grandson out of town and teach at night at Lindenwood. After retiring, I still plan on teaching there.”

For Dr. Gang, retirement does not mean simply doing nothing. She hopes to keep busy.

“Retirement just gives me more flexibility in my schedule and will let me try something different,” Dr. Gang said.

Some of the most memorable events for Dr. Gang are when FHC was faced with hardships and came together.

“As a school, we had difficult times, when we lost a student and years ago lost a principal who we all worked together with. The way the building handled together was memorable,” Dr. Gang said.

When she goes into retirement, Dr. Gang will miss the people at FHC, the students and staff.

“My favorite moments have been when I’ve seen students do what I call major acts of character, when students act in ways that are so mature, impressive and kind,” Dr. Gang said. “I’ve also had so much fun with the staff. We’ve been silly together and laughed together.”