Art rox!

Hidden treasures draw new students to Art Club.


Zach Grau

One of the many Art Rox found within the hallways of FHC.

Kyra Barillier, Staff Reporter

Hidden around the school, perched on trashcans, windowsills and desks, there is a strange abundance of rocks inside the building. These tiny gifts from National Art Honor Society are known as art rocks. The surprises come from their motto: Art Rox!

They made their debut appearance are the building last year as a publicity stunt to spread awareness of NAHS’s presence and to invite others to join, according to sponsor Ms. Elizabeth Allen.

These presents look like rocks you would find on the side of the street, but they come with a twist. These rocks have a NAHS stamp pressed into them, and are much shinier than most rocks. But this was exactly what last year’s officers had intended to do, according to Ms. Allen.

Current president, junior Kayla Pedrick, wants to continue the art rocks, but she wants to add a little excitement.

“I want to see the rock scavenger hunt recruit new people and make Art Club more known,” Pedrick said. “I want to see more variety with them.”

Senior Robbie Cox loves what art rocks are doing for them: spreading awareness and inviting others to join.

“Everyone should join because because it’s such a great program,” Cox said.
NAHS meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and as long as you have a b or better in an art class and 10 hours of visual art activities per year, with or without finding an art rock, you are more than welcome to join them!