Off to a great start

Week 2 shows signs of intense competition this year.

I had a great time watching the games this weekend, even though I had to get up early to see them, but it was totally worth it. All games presented us with great football.

Let’s start off by addressing the Chelsea and Leicester City game. I thought Leicester played phenomenal, and if they keep up their hard work, they’ll have no problem at all staying in the Premier League. Chelsea, on the other hand, look so much better than I thought they would. They are in control of the bus with Didier Drogba and Diego Costa as the drivers. Just the mere presence of Drogba on the pitch gives defenders nightmares, and with Costa’s two goals, he’s off to a flying start in the Premier League.

Unfortunately, Manchester United are still in search for their first win, and with the addition of Angel Di Maria and Marcos Rojo, they look to be a very strong team. I think the squad is still trying to get used to Van Gaal’s system, so after a few more games, United should get back to their former, winning selves.

Everton looked great against Arsenal, but like last week, they dropped off in the second half allowing Arsenal to climb back after falling 2-0 in the first half. Everton’s Steven Naismith has surprised many. He’s one of those players that you have no idea why he is good, but you’re glad that he is (that is if you’re an Everton fan). Alexis Sanchez seemed to struggle in the forward position, so I expect him to replace Mesut Ozil, who was at fault for their first goal. Olivier Giroud should take over the forward spot next week because once he came on, he changed the game.

Liverpool looked awful against Manchester City last night. Just plain awful. The lead up to Jovetic’s second goal had 19 passes in the sequence. I loved the way they looked in the game. Also, just 23 seconds after coming on, Sergio Aguero made it 3-0. Luckily for Liverpool, they were able to pull one back.

Aaron Ramsey, Diego Costa, Eric Dier, Nacer Chadli, Saido Berahino, Stevan Jovetic, and Steven Naismith are all tied for first in goals, and I’m honestly surprised to see some of these names. However, they all deserve to be on this list because of the amazing performance’s they put in this past weekend.