New beginnings for NHS

This year NHS is taking a new approach without sponsors running, leaving it all up to the officers.

Becca Abrams , Staff Reporter

National Honor Society (NHS), is known and recognized nation-wide; however, not everyone knows what they’re about and how they benefit their communities,such as the NHS members of Francis Howell Central.

This year, the head honchos of NHS are Tyler Tran (President), Paige Hofmeister (Vice-President), Kyra Barillier (Secretary), Maegan DeNardo (Treasurer), and Emily Lager (Historian).

The purpose of NHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate the desire to help the community, promote leadership, and develop character of its members.

“NHS is about academically strong students getting together to volunteer and better their community. The goals we have as an organization are all centered around helping those who need it,” said Barillier.

This year is all about the community. The goal is to show FHC’s student body that serving others is an important and meaningful aspect of life.

“NHS isn’t just about getting points so that you look good on a college application, it is about serving others and making the community a better place,” said senior Maegan DeNardo.

Last year the sponsors had a large role in how NHS was run and the officers were primarily used as contacts for the students; however, with a new year comes new changes, one of which being how NHS is now run by its officers.

“We’re kind of taking a different approach this year in that the officers truly are in charge,” said sponsor Laurie Fay.

“As officers, we now have to keep track of everyone’s points, the service projects we are doing, running the meetings, the agendas, and the social media aspects of NHS”, says Barillier.

With the new usage of social media, students are able to see what the NHS members are involved in by using the hashtag, #ServiceSelfies, found on instagram and twitter.

These “service selfies” can most likely be seen this month at the school supply drive or at the upcoming marathon where members will be handing out water to the runners. There is many volunteer opportunities that is planned for this upcoming year, such as volunteering at the children’s hospital, working at an elderly care center, soup kitchens, and the humane society.

“We want to have more chances for people to directly see how their work helps and affects the lives of others,” said Barillier.