New director, new changes

The theatre department gets a new director, and many new changes occur,

Kameryn Mellor, Staff Reporter

This year, the spotlight players have two productions and Student One-Acts once again. The play will be ‘Noises Off’, and the musical will be “The Addams Family.”  There has been a change in directors as of this year, as Mrs. Cori Nelson  takes over from Ms. Michelle Moll as the new theatre director


Mrs. Nelson has already made changes to the theatre department, according to sophomore Laura Weiss. The changes are both big, small, and still in progress.


“The room has definitely changed,” Weiss said. “It’s a lot  better.”


The alterations to the department are as small as rearranging the classroom, and as large as changing the process of auditions and callbacks. Nelson is also very open to ideas from the students in theatre.


“She [Nelson] brings with her a sense of security into the theatre department,” junior Jack Roither said.


It can already be seen that Mrs. Nelson cares about and values theatre very highly. It is yet to be shown how Nelson will run the department, though it is already clear that it will be run differently than it was by Moll.


“The application process is different and you are more likely to get on the crew you want,” sophomore Olivia Doll said.


Auditions for the play, “Noises Off”, were August 27-28. To audition, one must prepare a 60-to-90-second monologue, and fill out a form located outside of Mrs. Nelson’s classroom. If a student were to get a callback, he or she would be given the script for “Noises Off” and be required to act out a part of it, unlike Moll’s way of callbacks. Moll had students read from a script, while Nelson’s way is more in depth and relevant to the production at hand, according to sophomore Maddy Miller.

If a student wishes to be on a crew, he or she must get and fill out a crew form, which can be found outside of the theatre classroom. Officers in theatre have some say in which students go on which crew, which is more privilege and responsibility than they had with Ms. Moll as their director.