A loss to be proud of

The girls softball team lost their first game to Troy, but they were proud of their effort in the game.

Jake Baumgartner, Staff reporter

The softball team began its season by playing against one of the toughest teams in the area: The Troy Trojans. But while the Spartans put up a fight, they couldn’t go the extra mile for the win.

The Spartans lost the game against the Troy Trojans 19-12.

Senior Satiah Duval said that although they lost the game, the team is still proud of their performance.

“Its the best we’ve ever played against Troy,” Duval said. “We got the most runs scored we ever have against them.”

Senior Haley Allen says it was a close game. The Spartans put up quite a fight during the beginning of the game.

“The first five innings were back and forth,” Allen said. “But then we made a few errors and started to break down a little bit and they took the lead.”

Duval and Allen both agree that scoring as much as they did against the Trojans is something to be proud of, especially considering that Troy’s defense is very solid.

“Troy is just a really good team, so scoring 12 runs was really awesome,” Allen said.

The Trojans defense is a force to be reckoned with. The Spartan’s offense was strong, but not enough to break through Troy’s defense. According to senior Alyssa Mathis, the game could have been won if the team’s defense was able to match Troy’s.

“We hit super well, but our defense was not good enough,” Mathis said. She said the team is going to work on defending against bunts.

“We were too slow getting to their bunts and Troy has a lot of really fast girls,” she said.

The game against Francis Howell was cancelled in the middle of the second inning. Until the rain came, the Vikings were beating the Spartans 8-0. This game will be made up, date to be announced.