New schedule hopes to draw more participants to Art Club

With a new Saturday schedule, Art Club hopes to bring more students into the program

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter

Art Club will resume on Sept. 27th, but they will not go back to their Wednesday schedule. Instead Art Club has opted for a much more spacey Saturday schedule from 10am to 3pm.

This idea came from Mrs.Judy Switzer, the director of Art Club,  who said the new schedule won’t conflict with any other activities.

“One of the reasons we switched is because I didn’t want to compete with other clubs,” Switzer said.

This change proves useful according to junior Brianna Shatto, who said that this change doesn’t conflict with soccer practice during the week.

“It’s a lot better, I can practice during the week and still be a part of Art Club,” Shatto said.

However, this isn’t the only reason the switch was implemented. According Mrs. Switzer, they also changed because they wanted a block where they could comfortably start and finish a project. The new 5 hour block proves much more spacious than it’s Wednesday predecessor.

“I wanted to commit to a time where we could all sit down, start a lesson, and finish a project in a day and switching to Saturday helps us do that,” Switzer said.

This change has posed issues for students who don’t have transportation on the weekend though. Junior Megan Smith said that transportation on a Saturday is harder than it was previously.

“I can make Saturday sometimes, it’s hard though. Even though Saturday is more convenient and more fun than after school,” Smith said.

However, according to Shatto, Art Club always helps a member in need, even with rides.

“They just need to come to one meeting because I guarantee someone will help them with a ride here. One girl even walks,” Shatto said.

The switch to Saturday also opens up the opportunity to bring in outside students to Art Club.

“I’m excited to bring in students who don’t go to FHC into Art Club,” Smith said.

Mrs. Switzer is very excited about the new schedule, but not excited about having to give up Saturday lunch and movie dates with her husband.

“My husband and I have dates every Saturday, so we have to move that to a different time once a month,” Mrs. Switzer said

This proves that even Mrs. Switzer are making sacrifices for the club. However this change is not vein according to her.

“ I have to give up time with my ‘family’ family in order to spend time with my art family,” Mrs. Switzer said.

With the changes comes a few drawbacks, but a lot of excitement for member and non-members alike.

“I’m excited to make more friends and get a better appreciation of art in general. It’s going to be a fun year,” Shatto said.