Late intro

Royce describes the who and what of his blog

Royce Ingram, Staff reporter

Hey there!

My last blog entry was lacking a few things like an introduction or an explanation of its format. So here they be.

My name is Royce Ingram and I’m the only senior guy in Student Council, or as many so fondly refer to it, StuCo-pronounced steu-koe. This year will be my fourth year of involvement with StuCo and I eagerly anticipate this year’s engagements. I’m also a member of several other activities, but this blog will focus on StuCo because I am primarily dedicated to it. If StuCo is a beehive, I’m trying to provide perspective into a bee’s life with, all it’s sticky situations and buzzed moments.

My role in StuCo is not an officer, nor am I the Head Bro In Charge. I am a member of the Board of Directors (other members are known as general members). The Board essentially plans events with the officers and attends three meetings every two weeks, instead of one. Which is a major dedication considering the Board meetings meet at school at 6:30am!

Now this blog entry’s format is crazy different from my last grouping of characters. That would be because the last blog I had was an emotional one. It was poetic and full of strongly animated descriptions to convey the hope found in the StuCo field trip. As a senior, I was pleasantly surprised to see greatness in the next generation of FHC StuCo, and to have a glimpse at the members of my homecoming team (an aspect for a future blog entry).

So read along and see the minds and methods behind ducttaping principals and drawing massive amounts of blood, for charity of course. If you have any questions or curiosities feel free to email me at [email protected].