From baby steps to big girl jumps

Ilene Holder, Staff reporter

In the last two years, Izzie has made major jumps from that little girl who was confused about a kiss from a dog. She has been learning her letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. One of her favorite things to do is sing the alphabet (no matter how much she butchers it) and to sing random things all the time.

One of the songs Izzie loves to go around singing is “Let It Go” from “Frozen.” This little girl is obsessed with that movie. When she wants to me do her hair, she comes up to me and asks to be Elsa. All I do is put her hair in a braid and she thinks she has somehow magically turned into the ice queen.

As soon as her hair is braided, she runs off to our parents and goes “Look! I’m Elsa! Let it go! Let it gooooo! (mumbling words because she doesn’t know the words) door! Let it go!”

While she sings she moves her hands around as if she’s making her ice castle. Then she’ll break off and start singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?” because she is also obsessed with the little snowman Olaf, even though it’s Anna who sings it…

Because Izzie is obsessed with Olaf,  you can’t go without hearing “You wanna build a snowmeee-aaaaaannn?” at least four times a week.

One thing that has always fascinated me about her is that she’s obsessed with all things cold. The reason I say this is because her favorite movies are “Frozen” and “Rise of The Guardians,” which is mainly focused on the character Jack, as in Jack Frost.

Izzie also acts as if she’s having a major cold chill at random times and is obsessed with ice cubes. She loves to ask me to open the freezer just so she can try and talk me into giving her an ice pack.

Along with the cold obsession, Izzie has always fascinated me with how quickly she can memorize parts of songs. Ever since she was two and able to mumble phonics, she has tried to sing parts of songs or her own songs.

There’s this cover of “Barbara Ann” by The Beach Boys that Izzie has just recently started singing. The cover is done by the minions from “Despicable Me” and they sing “Ba ba ba na na na-na” as in banana….she is in love with it and sings only that part throughout the day.

A great amount of things Izzie does makes me realize how quickly things can change. In just a few years she had made leaps and bounds and that drastic change has made me think about how big of an achievement can be reached in a small amount of time.

This little girl is probably always going to keep me on my toes and pull tricks from her sleeves that make me get caught of guard and surprised. Izzie has already made me so proud in just four years and I’m excited for the future, where I get to see all the other ways she will make this family proud.