Maroon “V”?

The famous pop band impresses with their new singles, but disappoints with their album V as a whole.

Maroon 5 Vevo

Emily Herd, Print Executive Editor

When I first found out that Maroon 5 was coming out with a new album I was so excited. I am a huge Maroon 5 fan, regardless of their music transition to more pop songs. On June 16, the band debuted its first single from their album V titled “Maps.” The first time I heard this song I fell in love instantly, as well as the other two singles released, “It Was Always You” and “Animals.” All of these singles are upbeat and are fun to blast in the car with the windows down, but the rest of their album lacks this excitement.

The new album V was released on Sept. 2 and it features 11 new songs (or 14 new songs on the deluxe album). Maroon 5 has impressed fans since their first album, “Songs About Jane” and has continued to impress me up to their last album “Overexposed.” Their albums featured songs that had amazing lyrics and melodies that made you either want to cry or dance. All of the songs from their last album were unique from each other compared to their new album.

When you listen to the album in one sitting, the songs start to sound boring and too similar. Songs like “Unkiss Me” and “Coming Back For You” have a similar theme or rhythm and when you listen to them, the lyrics start to mesh together. “Sugar” and “New Love” also have similar high-pitched choruses, although these songs are catchy and fun to listen to.

Not only do some of their songs lack uniqueness, but their duet with Gwen Stefani, “My Heart Is Open” was a horrible collaboration. The song is the slowest song on their album and it begins good, but turns horrible when Gwen Stefani starts singing. The chorus is average, but is nothing interesting or amazing.

I know that I have bashed on some of the songs from the album, but I also love three of their songs (besides the singles). One song that I highly suggest is “In Your Pocket,” it takes me back to their old song from 2007, “Wake Up Call,” due to the similar song meaning about a girl cheating on him. Another song that I have found myself loving is “Feelings.” It kind of reminds me of their old style of music like the song “Shiver.” I am not crazy about the chorus, but I still keep replaying it over and over despite this.

Although I was not impressed with a lot of the songs on this album, I feel like I am going to grow to liking some of them the more I listen to them. Together some of them are boring, but when you listen to them individually they are good. The songs that have started to grow on me are “Leaving California” and “New Love.” When I first listened to the album, these songs seemed bland compared to others, but they are worth a listen after you are hooked on their other songs.

Even though my expectations of this album were not met, I still recommend listening to the album.