Freshman volleyball plays Rockwood Summit Falcons

FHC’s Volleyball Spartans team played Rockwood Summit’s Falcons 9/5/14 at 6pm. They played here at Central, giving the small gym an intense atmosphere with full bleachers of supporting family.

Both teams played hard, their eyes on the ball and heads in the game. The teamwork volleyball requires was riveting to watch, the girls shouting words of encouragement and tips to each other. After each score, the girls would group up in to a circle, patting each other on the back, or raising their arms in the air in celebration, smiles of relief or pride covering their face. The newly established team worked like a well oiled machine, working hard the entire game.

Their hard work payed off, and the girls grouped together to celebrate their win, as the beginning of the game did not look so strong for them. Girls on both sides were smiling and chatting to each other after the win.