The game of chance

Ilene Holder, Staff reporter

When it comes to Izzie, you almost never know what you’re going to get. She does very random things a lot of the time and her ways of responding are sometimes the funniest things.

One day my dad asked her if she wanted a knuckle sandwich and her response was “Yea! knuck samiches are yummy!”

My dad and I busted up laughing because of the way she had said it and because of how serious her face was.

Another day, Izzie was sitting down playing with her toys and had passed gas. Next thing we know, Izzie turns to all of us with a surprised look on her face and says “Oh! A barking tree frog!” then covers her mouth and giggles.

My mom just about started crying because she was laughing so hard. But mom had also rolled her eyes because that moment marked the truth that our dad had trained Izzie to call farts barking tree frogs.

Izzie also loves to randomly change into different types of people. One moment she will be Izzie and the next she’s aggravatedly telling us she’s doctor, nurse, police officer, whatever her heart desires to be at the time.

It’s quite cute because she will go get her play stethoscope, thermometer, and juice bottles and bring them over to one of us to start giving us a check up. She loves to put the stethoscope on our stomachs for some reason I don’t understand.

To explain further on the police officer part, she loves to give my mom tickets for randomly things just about every day.

My mom will just be walking to the front door and Izzie will go “Mom! Stop! Here’s your ticket” in the most serious voice.

There was one day in August where my boyfriend, Derick, was over and Izzie decided to randomly turn into a police officer.

One second we’re all just sitting outside playing and the next second Izzie is putting Derick under arrest for some unknown reason.

When she was grabbing his arms to put behind his back, I asked her why she was arresting him and I kid you not, her response was “because he needs to be in a cage.”

I lost it. I started laughing so much. Her connotation mixed with Derick’s facial expression to her explanation just broke me into pieces. I loved it so much.

It’s hilarious how many times Derick has been put under arrest by Izzie.

However, no matter how many times Izzie puts Derick under arrest, she will still be crazy about him.

My little sister is ob-sess-ed with my boyfriend. Every time Derick’s with us, I become chopped liver and get passed up for him. Literally, every time.

It’s a little heart breaking, but is funny at the same time because not only does Derick have his own three-year-old sister obsessed with him, he has MY three-year-old sister obsessed with him too. So no matter which house he’s at, there’s a three-year-old connected to his hip.

Some people may not like it when their sibling(s) and significant other get along, but I actually like it. I like knowing that there won’t be any confrontation between the two. It does put a different type of confrontation between Izzie and Derick considering they’re 14 years apart too, but it still works out well.

At least Derick also only has one sibling to worry about getting along with. I on the other hand have five siblings that I worry about not getting along with. However, I know I get along with three of them. I have yet to meet the other two, but hopefully I’ll get along with them too.