Laughable performances from the fixtures this weekend

Awful performance’s from “top tier” teams leave many fans asking questions.

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Joseph Silver, Move Editor

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This was my reaction to this weekend’s result as a tear ran down my cheek. The performance of some of the teams were very disappointing to say the least.

Manchester United was winning 3-1 against Leicester City, then out of no where, Leicester scored four goals. It was the first time EVER Manchester United threw away a two-goal lead in the Premier League. This stat just blows my mind. Once United mesh together, they will be unstoppable. That is if they do mesh together. Leicester are a side to reckon with this season. After being promoted from the Championship, they want to prove that they can stay in the Premier League. The way they are playing, there is no doubt in my mind that they will stay up.

Everton need to get their act together. After a 4-1 win at Goodison against German side Wolfsburg in the Europa League, they looked absolutely terrible. They have conceded 13 goals in five games, the same side that conceded 39 goals in all of the 38 league games last year. Everton’s American goalkeeper Tim Howard gave up a cheap penalty and misjudged an easy cross, both of which led to Crystal Palace goals. It was just a disappointing effort and day for Everton.

The clash between two of the top teams in Chelsea and Manchester City was an interesting game. It saw Chelsea go back to what they do best; parking the bus. It was a crazy game, seeing defender Pablo Zabaleta sent off for a scuffle with leading scorer Diego Costa. Shortly after the red card, Chelsea took advantage of the extra man, and went up 1-0. Former Chelsea captain and their leading scorer in club history, Frank Lampard, came on in the 78th minute for his new club, Manchester City. Both sets of fans were praising his name, when he put the ball in the back of the net. Disbelief reigned across the stadium and all platforms of social media as Lampard chose not to celebrate the equalizer. I think it was wrong for Pellegrini to put Lampard in. It shows so much disrespect to Chelsea and Lampard himself, who requested not to play against Chelsea.

This week saw many surprises and upsets, bringing tears to many fans other than myself. The Premier League is one crazy and unpredictable league.