Rising up

Softball team bounces back from Howell loss with doubleheader sweep of Fort Zumwalt West

Jake Baumgartner, Staff Reporter

After taking home gold in their home tournament last weekend, the softball team was ready to bring in more wins in their games against Howell and Fort Zumwalt West.

The game against the Francis Howell Vikings last Tuesday was cancelled in the second inning due to rain, but before the day was out, Howell was already up 8-0. Going into the game, the team knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy game based on the Vikings’ performance against the Troy Trojans, said senior Hayley Allen.

“Howell mercied Troy, and Troy is a really good team so we knew it was going to be a hard game,” said Allen.

The game was continued Monday, and the Spartans were able to hold their own, but could not get the extra push to win the game.

“We started with the 8-0 score, but we ended up scoring four runs and managed to hold them at eight,” said senior Alyssa Mathis.

On the other hand, the games against Fort Zumwalt West were a different story. Last week, the Spartans took on the Jaguars twice, once on Monday and again on Wednesday. The team was already confident going into the games, according to senior Satiah Duval.

“We haven’t let West outdo us before, and we definitely weren’t going to start then,” said Duval.

The first game, played at West, ended with a score of 6-3 for the Spartans. Second game was played on home turf and the Spartans reigned victorious again with a score of 6-2.

The negative win/loss spread the team started out with at the beginning of the season is ancient history as the Spartans reel in wins for a season record of 9-7.

Satiah Duval prepares to catch a throw to first base to make the out.
Kayla Schoenig
Satiah Duval prepares to catch a throw to first base to make the out.