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Boys volleyball defeats CBC

Ellen Hinze May 14, 2012

After arriving at SLUH, the Spartans took on the CBC Cadets in a three game battle for the win. After winning the first game 19-25 with 15 kills, the Spartans let the Cadets in their heads and lost their...

Patrick Reed

Ellen Hinze May 8, 2012

While science has never been my favorite subject, nor a topic of interest on my part, I decided to take a class by word of mouth. And this class changed my life, but it wasn’t the class itself that...

Team stays confident despite unsuccessfulness

Ellen Hinze April 3, 2012

This weekend, the boys volleyball team went head-to-head-to-head with 20 teams at a tournament. Their first game was against Lafayette, and it did not go as well as the team planned. “We lost to Lafayette...

Spartans kill Vikings

Ellen Hinze March 31, 2012

A victory over the Vikings on Wednesday marks the volleyball team’s first win of the season. The team only had to play two games to win the match with scores of 25-21 and 25-19. According to Coach Mark...

Players set eyes on state

Ellen Hinze March 9, 2012

Last year, the boys volleyball team lost in the quarterfinals and ended its season with a record of 26-8-2. Although getting to quarterfinals is a huge accomplishment, senior libero Garrett Navratil believes...

Spartans finish season making history

Ellen Hinze March 4, 2012

Twenty wins in one season. Thirty-five points scored by senior Sharese Jones’ in her last high school basketball game. Thirty-six minutes of game time. Two games away from winning state. Three players...

Sixth player makes difference

Ellen Hinze March 1, 2012

At six o’clock, two girls jump for a ball; one in blue and one in white. The team looked to the crowd, which was ever growing, for support, and they received it, and ended up taking the win 46-34. “Hats...

Girls beat rivals for third time, receive district title

Ellen Hinze February 24, 2012

Prior to tonight, the Lady Spartans basketball team had captured three district championship titles total. After defeating rival Francis Howell North, the team has four. In the third match up between...

Close game ends in Spartan victory

Ellen Hinze February 16, 2012

As the final buzzer sounded, the score of the game was 3-3, but going into the third period, Duchesne came out strong taking the lead. For the Spartans to win, they now needed to make two goals. “We...

Hockey continues toward Wickenhieser cup

Ellen Hinze February 15, 2012

Out of the 41 teams in Midstates Hockey, the Spartans are ranked 19th which gave the team the 3rd seed in the Wickenhieser cup tournament. Although the boys will not be playing for the state cup, they...

Students support gay community against Westboro Baptists

Ellen Hinze February 8, 2012

At 6:55 a.m. Monday morning and the protesters were given a five-minute warning. The Westboro Baptist Church protesters will be arriving soon. Fifteen minutes later, Westboro has not showed up. “They...

Hockey moves on to Wickenhieser cup

Ellen Hinze January 31, 2012

From a championship season to an up and down one, Coach Tom Mueller does not know what next season will hold. Although the team did not make it to the Challenge Cup playoffs, Coach Mueller is looking...

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