Patrick Reed

While science has never been my favorite subject, nor a topic of interest on my part, I decided to take a class by word of mouth. And this class changed my life, but it wasn’t the class itself that changed me. It wasn’t the students, or the education or the college preparation. It was the teacher.

The teacher of this class took it upon himself to not only educate a class, but entertain the students in it. He not only taught us botany, but made it enticing. He not only lectured on confusing topics, but made the class burst into laughter about why pears are the way they are. He not only advised us in which classes to take next, but honestly told us that if we were going into photojournalism, we wouldn’t need Chemistry. He not only came to school to teach, but he stayed after school to help us in anyway possible. He directed us into the future. If we were failing, he pulled us into succeeding. He made education fun.

But for me, he wasn’t just a teacher. He was someone I could talk to, someone I could ask for advice, someone I could look up to, someone I could relate to.

While I might not remember which class, genus and species a turtle belongs in, I will always be able to look back on my junior year and remember having my favorite teacher who changed my life.

With a goofy personality that mirrors mine, a work ethic that is similar to mine and a drive that is equal to mine, Sir. Patrick Reed is the teacher I appreciate most.