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It is important to remember even with thousands of things to do, if you want to grow you must put yourself first.

Putting yourself first

Emily Mann, CO-Editor in Chief March 16, 2018

March 10, 2016. The room is filled with 99 other students who are “just like me.” A cold, blurry, dark auditorium to me was a lively, happy, celebratory gathering for everyone else. Shaking, dizzy,...

Dallas Stories

February 9, 2018

The pick-up line project

Millennia Simmons, Entertain Editor February 9, 2018

In today's day and age social media encourages teen to get out of their comfort zone and approach new people but does it work? Join my fellow seniors, Bre'Anna Wilson and Kristen Porter and I as we shoot...

Diversity club hosts Red Ribbon Week in order to raise awareness amongst students. Red Ribbon Week aims to eliminate, or decrease drug usage amongst the community.

Bring awareness

Emily Mann, Print Executive Editor October 25, 2017

Senior Krysten Vaughn cares deeply for her community, and hopes to tend to their well-being by keeping the student body informed through raising awareness for issues within her community. “I think...

I have found in my journey of bettering myself, finding happiness keeping journals has helped immensely. With each blog post there will be a spread of my journal to inspire some things to write about, log, or draw out in your own.

Start somewhere

Emily Mann, Co-Editor in Chief September 28, 2017

The process. I refer to it - it being finding self-acceptance and practicing self-love - as a process because that is how I can best describe it. It will not come with the snap of your finger, or even...

Student council hangs posters in hallways around school advertising Light the Field. Student Council has held this event for two years.

Light the Field returns

Carlin Reed-Bippen and Catherine Analla September 7, 2017

Light the Field is among one of the many activities Student Council has planned, and is happening tomorrow. Sadly cancelled last year due to heavy rain, Light the Field is the main upcoming event for students....

Baseball player swings at the plate. Seniors have wrapped up regular season and play Districts Monday

The Home Stretch

Abbie Bartell, Staff Reporter May 12, 2017

As the school year comes to an end, many students look forward to summer break but then are faced with another year of highschool in a few short months. However for seniors, these last few days will be...

Mrs. Rulo presents to her classroom of mathematic students, Gerger has always disliked math, but Rulo has helped Gerger come to enjoy trigonometry.

Rockin’ Rulo

Elizabeth Gerger and Michael Lloyd May 12, 2017

Thank you, Ms. Rulo, for reminding me how much I enjoy math. I’ve always been challenged in the subject, but you made it a fun challenge. I wanted to come to class every day, I wanted to do homework,...

Mrs. Larue smiles with her Pre-AP English 1 students. Mrs. Larue just recently got her Masters Degree

Lovely Larue

Elizabeth Gerger and Juliet Fuhrmann May 12, 2017

Mrs. Larue AH Mrs. LaRue is my favorite person ever. Thank you Mrs. LaRue for everything you’ve done for me the past year and a half. You work so, so hard for every single one of your students. You...

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Emily Mann, Print Executive Editor May 12, 2017

This week publications students appreciate their teachers with sincere thank you's in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Throughout the week the students placed index cards throughout their teacher's...

Sophomore Trent Kreienheder soars over the bar at track meet. Task force will be discussing activity fees that sports and clubs might be charged

Pay to play?

Emily Mann, Print Executive Editor April 24, 2017

According to student athlete Makenzie Schierding, a junior involved in track and field, girls basketball and many clubs, and Activities Director Scott harris a new Activities Task Force is being formed,...

Central Outreach collects shoes for the Shoeman Water Project the first two weeks of April 2017. Boxes can be found outside the main student parking lot entrance, and outside the Activities Directors Office.

Take a walk in their shoes

Emily Mann, Print Executive Editor April 7, 2017

Central Outreach will be collecting shoes for them to resell in order to find clean water wells for rural communities that do not have access to clean water, along with Mrs. Ashley Mair, world language...

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